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Acclaimed photographer/director and Mean contributor, Patrick Hoelck, (pictured below, top/center with Terry Richardson) settles down with Mean for a refresher on his new venture, Pilfered, a magazine “for the people, by the people”.

Tell me about the inception of Pilfered.

It is the first truly provocative, interactive, sign of the times magazine for artists and the visually inspired. You either get it or you don’t and are pissed by it. Our team believes Pilfered is web democracy at its best. I was late night web browsing and came across a blog that this English kid put together. It had amazing images but his tone was really cocky. He was saying things like “look no further” and “this is the best blog in existence.” As a joke, I screen grabbed a lot of the images and slapped “Pilfered Magazine-Coming Soon” on it and sent it back to him– just to get him going. I also ended up liking it so I put it on my blog. A few days later, I got invited to some bouzhy dinner, and a guy that had a big influence on web communities said he saw it on my blog and thought it was a genius idea. The next day I ended up driving to Venice to meet up with RUDJ. We went back and forth and had a creative discussion of how we would create a ballsier, visual Wikipedia of images that would contribute and add to what is going on in media. I asked him to join me and a few weeks later we had our first issue.

Was it made as a reaction to the restrictive, inhibitive nature of how most magazines publish photographers’ work?

I guess everything I do could fall under that description.It was as simple as sitting down with a friend of mine that I had done some really good ad jobs with, and we put our skills and network together and made it happen. You almost always know the people you can work with and the ones you can’t. The process of making Pilfered was really organic.

Will you continue to have guest editors (such as former Vibe editor George Pitts) ?

Tons. This model will make it so the magazine never gets boring and everyone stays inspired, including our team at Pilfered. They’re going to range from a journalist to an architect to a philanthropist to someone in finance, etc….

Which guest editors can we expect in the future? Will you delve outside of the art world and allow someone like a social worker to do it as well? A tweener? A homeless man from St. Julien?

The guest editors have to stay a surprise – the lineup is exciting – I am amazed by the people that were able to contribute thus far…they all just got the concept and wanted to be part of it. We’ve also created The Annex. Its aim is to expand our reach and explore a focused group whose work reflect and reveal our current times. This is where Veronica Rafael, our newest member and curator, can choose the social worker and the tweener and the homeless man from St. Julien to be guest editors. We also got a call in to Kashy Khaledi but we haven’t heard anything back yet.

Count him in! Where can I find Pilfered?
By the people, for the people.